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My name is Andrew Min. I’m studying in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs at Princeton University, and am working as an incoming Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company. In my spare time, I tinker with various side projects. In high school, I also used to write quite frequently for various tech magazines and blogs.

I enjoy hiking in the Adirondacks, rooting for the Yankees and Jets, listening to Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen, and reading C.S. Lewis. I read, among others, The EconomistProject Syndicate, Symposium Magazine, The Volokh Conspiracy, Foreign AffairsWar is Boring, Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball, John Sides’s The Monkey Cage, Pinstripe Alley, Sports on Earth, Dan Shanoff, Grantland, John Gruber’s Daring Fireball, and The Wirecutter.

I became a man at Deerfoot Lodge.